Not all CrossFits are created equal. Whether you are brand new or years into it, we have everything you need.


wide open floor plan

With 8,000 sq ft of PLAE rubber flooring, the days of fighting for floor space are over. Spread out and focus on getting those reps vs your neighbor's foot in your face.

custom maverick rig

This 55' free standing beauty, custom built by Maverick Athletic Company, allows you plus 23 of your closest friends a spot on the rig for wall balls, plus 28 homes for pull-ups, 12 adjustable rack stations and 12 sets of rings down the middle. 


At Venture, we want you to experience all that CrossFit has to offer. All of our equipment is neat, clean and organized making it easy for you to find new PRs vs a Tetanus shot. Use the best name brands in the business: Rogue, Again Faster, Concept2, Assault Fitness, RX Smart Gear, Maverick and Dynamax. 

Oly Oly oxen free

Custom Olympic lifting platforms, Rogue Jerk Blocks, LB and KG Competition plates, all available for you to continue improving your Olympic lifts.