A. EMOM for 8 minutes: 
even minutes = 20 seconds of strict hand-release push-ups
odd = 15 seconds of hollow rock (or hold) + 15 seconds of arch rock (or hold)

B. There are 3 choices for this month's testing metcon. Look at Wodify for all 3 options. Choose the option that you think is doable within a 35-minute time-cap. 

The goal is to test this longer time domain while still completing all three modalities, not just choosing the longest one and only getting partially through it. By the same rules, our most advanced athletes would not choose Scaling Option 1 just so they can finish the workout faster. 

For example, if Coach Andre did Scaling Option 1 and completed it in 18 minutes, he has not tested the 30-35 minute time domain and has missed the point of this month's testing workout. Example 2, if Athlete A chose to do the true Triple 3 but only gets through a 1K row and 100 DUs in 35 minutes, he has failed to test the third modality & also missed the point of this month's testing workout.

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