A. 3 attempts to find:
max rep strict pull-ups (or ring rows)
*If doing ring rows, range of motion and straight body position must be maintained in order to continue set)
*All sets should be done to failure

B. 5K row for time
*If you missed retesting your back squat 1RM or Rowing Helen this week, you will be doing one of those today instead of the 5K row.

Upcoming Events

March 15-April 15: World Erg Challenge - Don't forget to log all your warm-up rows and any meters you log during workouts!

Saturday, April 23 - All 4 Heroes competition benefiting the National Military Families Association; Register now!

Edesia Meals Delivery

Looking for a no-fuss way to make the switch to paleo? Edesia Meals are fresh, wholesome and delicious chef-prepared paleo meals delivered right to the gym each week! You can check out their menu and place orders at www.edesiameals.com. Brochures are available at the gym. (Tip from Coach Bex: the curry chicken salad and the chicken bacon salad are the bomb!)

Don't know what paleo is? Ask a coach or post in the comments!

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