A. EMOM for 12 minutes:
even minutes = 10 ring push-ups
odd minutes = 10 bent-over barbell rows (AHAP without back bending/swinging)

B. 30-20-10 reps for time:
Overhead barbell walking lunge steps (45/35#)
calories on rower

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TONIGHT @ 8pm - CrossFit Open 16.2 Announcement!
Tomorrow - All classes will be doing 16.2

Edesia Meals Delivery

Looking for a no-fuss way to make the switch to paleo? Edesia Meals are fresh, wholesome and delicious chef-prepared paleo meals delivered right to the gym each week! You can check out their menu and place orders at www.edesiameals.com. Brochures are available at the gym. (Tip from Coach Bex: the curry chicken salad and the chicken bacon salad are the bomb!)

Don't know what paleo is? Ask a coach or post in the comments!

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