A. 3 minutes of rowing: 
1 hard stroke + 3 easy strokes

10 minutes of mobility: wrists, t-spine, lats (all for jerk grip lunges)

3 steady rounds: 
10 overhead/front rack lunges
4 kips only
4 kipping/butterfly C2B pull-ups
4 burpees over bar

B. AMRAP in 20 minutes:
25ft overhead walking lunges (95/65#) (scaled: front rack lunges, 45/35#)
8 bar-facing burpees
25ft overhead walking lunges
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups (scaled: jumping pull-ups)

* Jump over the bar after each burpee
* Every 5ft on the lunge is 1 rep

February is Referral Month! 

There are 2 ways to participate and win!

  1. We are doubling our referral reward to $100 in Venture Bucks for all members who bring in a friend, neighbor, family member, coworker, even the UPS driver that signs up for a 12-month membership. *Venture Bucks will be applied towards membership, merchandise or personal training.
  2. Bring a guest = 1 point. Have that guest check in on FB/Social = 1 point. Guest writes a review on Google or Yelp = 2 points. $50 Rogue gift cards & various prizes will be awarded to the 2 members with the most points!

To help out, Venture will be open M-F, 10am-5:30pm for all of February. You are welcome to use this time as Open Gym or to run you and your guest through the WOD. Please email harbor@venturecrossfit.com or call/text 678-618-9346 as a courtesy to let us know that you’re coming.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 25 @ 8pm - CrossFit Open 16.1 Announcement!

Edesia Meals Delivery

Looking for a no-fuss way to make the switch to paleo? Edesia Meals are fresh, wholesome and delicious chef-prepared paleo meals delivered right to the gym each week! You can check out their menu and place orders at www.edesiameals.com. Brochures are available at the gym. (Tip from Coach Bex: the curry chicken salad and the chicken bacon salad are the bomb!)

Don't know what paleo is? Ask a coach or post in the comments!

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