A. 4 sets of:
6 Romanian deadlifts @ one medium weight
30 seconds rest
5 seated max height jumps (start seated on box @ parallel) 
60 seconds rest

B. With a 6 minute running clock:
Complete 3 rounds of:
200m sprint
20 Abmat sit-ups
20 mountain climbers
** max distance walking lunge in remaining time (weight as able)
Score = number of rounds + number of lunges (example: 2+0 or 3+15)

** Check out all the scores from today's classes on the Wodify virtual whiteboard!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, May. 14 @ 8pm: Team Trivia at Verde off Collier Road. The more, the merrier! I've been missing this tradition, y'all! Time to start winning those big bucks again ... free pitchers of margaritas, anyone?? We'll use whatever we win in house cash to fund a round of drinks or some apps for the next month.