Happy Saturday, VCF crew!

Here's a breakdown of how our weekend schedule will work:
Saturdays @ 9am - partner/team workout
Saturdays @ 10am - one hour of open gym time
Sundays @ 9am - coaches' choice
Sundays @ 10am - one hour of open gym time

What's open gym time, you ask? Open gym is just that. The gym is open for you to work on skills, do some extra lifting or mobilization, make up a WOD from earlier in the week, ask your coaches questions -- whatever you want!



In teams of 2:
15 min AMRAP:
20 partner sit-ups with wall ball (20/14#)
20 burpees while your partner holds plank (no plank, no rep)
15 walking lunges in sync with your partner
10 partner wall balls (20/14#)

* Score = your rep total – total reps per round would be 70
* Partners may switch out burpees/plank hold as desired


Venture CrossFit got a shout-out on Power and Grace Performance yesterday! Coach Bex started CrossFit with Spencer Arnold, the whiz in charge of coming up with all those painful WODs you see Monday-Friday, back in 2008. He was her first and most influential Olympic weightlifting coach. Nowadays, Spencer writes programming for CF Games athletes, competitive CF & Olympic weightlifting programming for folks all over the country and ... Venture CrossFit! (Also, a big thank you to Adam Head and CrossFit Athens for being the jumping off point for so many wonderful adventures!)


As a member of VCF, you all have access to Wodify - an athlete management software where you can sign into classes, check the WODs, track your results (and those of your friends) and record a nutrition journal. I encourage all of you to log in to update your profile and look around at all the features available to you. Tracking your results on workouts and your food/water intake are important steps in improving your performance, tracking your skill/strength progress and helping you achieve your weight loss goals!

You can log in to your Wodify account here. If you haven't received an email with login instructions or need the email resent, comment here or let Bex know. There's also a free Wodify app available.

Check out all the scores from today's classes on the Wodify virtual whiteboard!