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WOD (9am class)

A. In partners:
Accumulate as many reps as possible. Spend 3:30 per station, take 30 seconds to transition to next station. While Partner A works the first skill, Partner B holds the second skill. Switch as needed.

Score = total reps between partners during each station

Station 1 – Wall Ball Sit-ups (20/14#) & Wall Sits
Station 2 – Box Jumps & Overhead Plate Hold (45#/25#)
Station 3 – Toes-to-Bar (or Knees-to-Elbows) & Hollow Hold
Station 4 – Alternating One-Handed KB Swings (53/35#) & Overhead KB Hold
Station 5 – Ground-to-Overhead (135/95#) & Front Rack Barbell Hold
BUY-OUT: After final station, each pair performs 2 minutes of double-unders with one person working at a time.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 9 @ 8pm: Team Trivia at Verde (More info)

Edesia Meals Delivery

Looking for a no-fuss way to make the switch to paleo? Edesia Meals are fresh, wholesome and delicious chef-prepared paleo meals delivered right to the gym each week! You can check out their menu and place orders at Brochures are available at the gym. (Tip from Coach Bex: the curry chicken salad is the bomb!)

Don't know what paleo is? Ask a coach or post in the comments!

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Wodify & Performance/Food Intake Tracking:

As a member of VCF, you all have access to Wodify - an athlete management software where you can sign into classes, check the WODs, track your results (and those of your friends) and record a nutrition journal. I encourage all of you to log in to update your profile and look around at all the features available to you. Tracking your results on workouts and your food/water intake are important steps in improving your performance, tracking your skill/strength progress and helping you achieve your weight loss goals!

You can log in to your Wodify account here. If you haven't received an email with login instructions or need the email resent, comment here or let Bex know. There's also a free Wodify app available.

Check out all the scores from today's classes on the Wodify virtual whiteboard!