Chiropractic care is now available at Venture CrossFit!

Our sports and performance care is brought to you in conjunction with Revolution Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.

What is this?

Care will be offered to all members as part of our ongoing effort to serve the needs of our CrossFit community; keeping everyone performing, training, and recovering at their best. Having a proper functioning spine and nervous system not only prevents injury, but keeps your body operating at the highest level!

Who will be doing the care?

Revolution Chiropractic is Marietta's first licensed 100 Year Lifestyle affiliate. They specialize in lifestyle care to help you achieve peak performance and optimal health, regardless of your age or ability. Dr. Kristin Dominguez, and Dr. Kris Headlee are both licensed performance and sport chiropractors and they themselves have competed at the collegiate, national, and international levels in swimming and rugby (respectively). Dr. Dominguez has been training, competing and coaching CrossFit for the past 7 yeas. The international network of 100 Year Lifestyle chiropractors has been the official Chiropractic and Sports Injury providers to the Reebok CrossFit games the last 4 years. 

We think our athletes deserve the best sports chiropractic care available. That is why Venture is proud to partner with Revolution Chiropractic and The 100 Year Lifestyle! 

How much will it cost?

Chiropractic Services range from $30-65 and are discounted for Venture members. Revolution chiropractic also offers detailed exams, functional movement screens, corrective exercises, cupping and myofascial release, and Graston. Contact Dr. KristinDominguez for details on discounted lifestyle care plans and team rates:

How do I sign up for care and what are available times?

We offer adjustments every other Monday between 6-8pm. No appointment necessary. 

For more information, and to print the new patient paperwork, please visit